The Organic Lawn Care Manual

The Organic Lawn Care Manual

By Paul Tukey

Are you like so many gardeners who find themselves spending too much time on lawn maintenance? Are you becoming more conscious of the amount of time, chemicals, and gasoline that are required to keep a well-maintained lawn? There are lots of alternatives to the traditional ways of lawn care including building better soil, using organic fertilizers, allowing clover to grow, using biological controls against garden pests, and finding alternatives to gasoline powered tools.

In The Organic Lawn Care Manual, Paul Tukey takes the reader through the entire process of creating a more environmentally sustainable lawn. He includes a Natural Lawn Care Calendar that explains the process of caring for this kind of lawn throughout the year. The most important information Tukey provides is a detailed explanation of the transition process from a chemical-dependant lawn to a toxin-free, natural lawn. This book is a wonderful way to begin the process of having a healthier lawn and garden, complete with step-by-step instructions, first-hand advice, and instructional photographs. This book is available at the Scott Horticultural Library.

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Liz Haegele
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