Plants of Week: December 7

Plants of Week: December 7

Lindera obtusiloba fall color Terry Shane Teaching Garden (5) JWCLindera obtusiloba

Lindera obtusiloba sports dark green three-lobed leaves. One nursery described them as a fat Batman emblem. In October, the show begins: Lindera obtusiloba turns a brilliant yellow, even in the shade, and holds its color for two to three weeks. Photo credit: J. Coceano

Mahonia x media 'Winter Sun' Cunningham House (3) JWC

Mahonia x media ‘Winter Sun’

The statuesque Mahonia x media ‘Winter Sun’ never fails to garner attention with its bright yellow candelabra-like inflorescences. Part of the evergreen shrub’s appeal is that the flowers open in late fall and continue through early winter, a time when most plants are dropping leaves and going dormant, let alone flowering. Beautiful foliage and upright growth habit make this hybrid mahonia a strong focal point in the late fall garden. ‘Winter Sun’ was selected at Slieve Donard Nursery in Ireland in 1966. It has a more compact habit of growth and more fragrance than related cultivars. Photo credit: J. Coceano


Sorbus alnifolia pedicles in rain (6) JWC

Sorbus alnifolia

Sorbus alnifolia, growing near the Biostream, is considered one of the best mountain ashes due to its form and good pest resistance. Five-petaled creamy white flowers borne in May give way to clusters of scarlet-pink berry-like pomes. After birds have gobbled all the fruit, the pink hued pedicles are quite attractive in the soft, low late fall light. Photo credit: J. Coceano

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