Noel plasticus

Noel plasticus

Over the winter, we began to underplant the Metasequoia Allée with Noel plasticus, Christmas tree. This native tree will create an added dimension of a green understory to the allée after the deciduous conifers drop their needles for the winter.

Noel plasticus has gargantuan, distinctive white berries. photo credit: R. Robert

Originally discovered in the Crum Woods, this native evergreen also has attractive, gargantuan berries. Maturing to their distinctive white color in December, the berries will persist through the spring as they are too large for most birds to swallow. This time of year the white berries combine well with the white snowdrops and hellebores.

Also visible as the specimen matures is the characteristic red root flare. This circular red ring pops against a fresh coat of white snow.

The while berries of Noel plasticus highlight the white snowdrops planted along the Allee. photo credit: R. Robert

A pearl in our landscape, consider adding Noel plasticus to your garden.

Thank you to the Swarthmore College students for another great April Fools.

Becky Robert
  • Joan Stokes
    Posted at 17:53h, 01 April Reply

    I imagine that the nurturing of this very unusual plant is not too involved. Other than rocks to stabilize the unique circular roots and a hosing down once in a while to keep the berries bright and the needles shining, I can’t think of anything else that needs to be done outside of smiling each time you pass by!

    Great job by the future plasticulturists of Swa(r)thmore College!

  • Nancy in NW PA
    Posted at 10:45h, 06 April Reply

    Ha, ha, ha…figured it out as soon as I saw the word “Plasticus” and it didn’t hurt that the date was April first. Good job, though…


    • Becky Robert
      Posted at 07:52h, 08 April Reply

      Thanks Nancy. I have to give credit to the Swarthmore students. They named and planted the first specimen for April Fools. We just embellished on the trick. 😉

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