Native Trees for North American Landscapes

Native Trees for North American Landscapes

Guy Sternberg was the first president of the International Oak Society and is a life member of the International Dendrology Society. He brings his expert knowledge to all gardeners in this fascinating book about using native trees in North American landscapes. Sternberg addresses the main topic of gardening with native trees by discussing the fundamentals of nature and the need for gardeners to embrace them. Sternberg comments that “nature is a system of overlapping parts that fit together in a multidimensional jigsaw puzzle.” His basic concept of planting the right plant in the right place leads to in-depth discussions of almost 100 trees native to North America and their natural habitats. He also explains how to cultivate these plants in your landscape to have a garden that not only looks beautiful but is a functioning ecosystem.

Check this book out of our Horticultural Library and see Guy Sternberg lecture at the 2009 Woody Plant Conference on July 17, 2009. To learn more about native trees see our brochure Native Trees for the Home Landscape.

Liz Haegele
  • Eve Thyrum
    Posted at 12:09h, 29 June Reply

    Wonderful book and am looking forward to hearing him at the upcoming Woody Plant Conference! It is so important to understand the type environment a native tree naturally grows in when introducing them into your own landscape.

  • Ted Patterson
    Posted at 15:42h, 01 July Reply

    Thanks. Just got this and Mr. Sternberg’s earlier book from my local library. For some native tree species, it is often easier to read about them than find them to buy.

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