Working with LEED Accredited Professionals

Working with LEED Accredited Professionals

In the Scott Arboretum’s quest to build a LEED silver building, the Wister Education Center and Greenhouse, we have tapped the knowledge and expertise of several LEED Accredited professionals and contractors. These individuals not only provide great insight and direction to help us earn the 33 to 38 points needed to reach silver, but simply working with them on the project earns us a LEED innovation point.

There are two types of accreditation available to professionals and contractors, LEED AP and Green Advantage Certified. LEED AP (LEED Accredited Professionals) are building industry professionals who have demonstrated a thorough understanding of green building and the LEED Green Building Rating SystemTM. This accreditation is administered through the Green Building Certification Institute. Green Advantage Certified practitioners have demonstrated their knowledge in green building through a certification administrated by Green Advantage.

The LEED accredited individuals working on the Wister Education Center and Greenhouse are LEED AP and/or Green Advantage Certified. I would like to take a moment to introduce you to this talented bunch as they help us achieve the dream of Silver Certification; they are also a wonderful resource for your next LEED project.

Dan Russoniello, AIA, LEED AP

Since 2003, Dan Russoniello, AIA, LEED AP of Archer & Buchanan Architecture, Ltd., has been providing leadership in the design, budget/cost analysis, fundraising support, and sustainability design of the Wister Education Center and Greenhouse. Dan with his understanding of the certification process, has been instrumental in helping the Arboretum achieve its dream of an education center and greenhouse.

Brad Randall, PE, LEED AP

Bruce Randall, PE, LEED AP of Bruce E. Brooks & Associates, Inc. has helped us turn an idea fromTom Cochrane of Swarthmore College into reality. The idea of connecting heat pump to a campus system (chilled water return) has been a truly unique approach for heating and cooling of a building. Bruce also serves on the Delaware Valley Green Building Council.

From Gilmore & Associates, Inc., Christopher Burkett, PE, RLA, LEED AP and Melanie Ryan Hesse, RLA, LEED AP oversee survey, grading and drainage design, and fitting the new building into the existing campus environment. They have helped us develop a storm water management facility which infiltrates runoff from the building’s roof, pavement, and landscape.

Larry Briggs, LEED AP

Our general contractor, W.S. Cumby Inc., has several LEED Accredited professionals working on the project. Larry Briggs, LEED AP, is the project manager responsible for overseeing critical path schedule, logistical planning, constructability reviews, and contract control. Dolly Hernandez, LEED AP/Green Advantage Certified, is the project manager responsible for creating and updating the critical path schedule, logistical planning, constructability reviews, contract controls and document management, cost control, submittal review and tracking, and job site safety.

Dolly Hernandez, LEED AP/Green Advantage Certified

Our sustainability manager, Kristie Kozenewski, LEED AP/Green Advantage Certified, is responsible for LEED process and procedures. This includes: supervising W.S. Cumby project team documentation of LEED submittals, coaching field staff to ensure LEED compliance on-site, acting as a liaison between the architect and design team, and consultant on LEED related issues.

Mike Bonacci, Green Advantage Certified

Mike Bonacci, Green Advantage Certified, is the superintendent responsible for coordination of the trade contractors, maintaining a daily written record of job site activity, enforcing an effective quality control program, monitoring materials and procedures for compliance with specifications and LEED, routine and scheduled inspection of work in place, coordination of testing and inspection agencies, and implementation of W.S. Cumby’s safety program.

Susan Felice, Green Advantage Certified

Our project coordinator, Susan Felice is Green Advantage Certified and is responsible for assisting from the Sustainable Manager, ensuring that the subcontractors submit the proper documentation that is required for all materials and resources to achieve the required LEED points prior to submission to the USGBC.

As you can see from these descriptions we have an extensive team of LEED accredited professionals helping us to achieve silver level. Working with LEED accredited professionals and contractors has helped guide our efforts in creating a green building. They provide knowledge of the latest “green” building practices, technologies, and techniques as well as to bring innovative ideas to life.

Becky Robert
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