Hardy Containers

Hardy Containers

In 2005, the Scott Arboretum began experimenting with hardy containers. These containers are left in place year-round and do not require annual replanting. As a result of the successful first hardy containers planted around Pearson Hall, the Arboretum planted 9 more hardy containers throughout the gardens this year.

These types of containers were trialed in an attempt to be more environmentally sustainable and to conserve natural resources. Once hardy containers become established their watering needs are relatively modest, thus allowing for less irrigation. They also do not require annual replanting which reduces the demands on other resources.

Aside from their value as a sustainable practice, hardy containers provide an attractive accent in the garden, whether serving as a dramatic, contrasting focal point or echoing the colors, shapes, and textures of plants in the surrounding garden beds. What’s more, they can last for years, maturing over time along with the rest of the garden.

A hardy container brochure can be found at the Scott Arboretum Offices or by clicking here if you would like to read about the plants that are used in our new hardy containers. Each hardy container has a numbered stake beginning with the letter “P” that corresponds to the number found within this brochure. These containers can be found in the Terry Shane Teaching Garden, Pearson Hall, Isabelle Cosby Courtyard, Lang Performing Arts Center, and Trotter Hall.

Becky Robert
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