Tulipa batalinii ‘Bronze Charm’

Tulipa batalinii ‘Bronze Charm’

Tulipa batalinii 'Bronze Charm' coutsey of Brent and Becky Bulbs

This year’s bulb dividend is a wonderful species tulip, Tulipa batalinii ‘Bronze Charm’. This diminutive tulip blooms in May and reaches only four to six inches tall.  The flower emerges in a tightly pointed bud and then the petals unfurl almost like a rosebud revealing the striking bronze-to-salmon flowers.  This fragrant selection also has attractive undulating gray-green leaves.  This small tulip could be used in a rock garden or planted at the front of the border where it might be allowed to emerge through a purple-foliaged heuchera  such as Heuchera villosa ‘Mocha’, H. ‘Obsidian’ or ‘Plum Pudding’.  It would also be striking to combine ‘Bronze Charm’ with a golden-foliaged perennial such as Dicentra spectabilis ‘Gold Heart ‘ or yellow-leafed Chinese forget-me-not, Brunnera macrophylla ‘Spring Yellow’


Tulipa batalinii 'Bronze Charm' courtesy of Brent and Becky's Bulbs

Bulbs should be planted three inches deep in the fall from October-November.  Many tulip bulbs, this one included, are a favorite treat of both squirrels and mice, so some wire protection might be wise. For best growth and display of flowers plant in full sun in relatively well-drained soil.  This tulip is native to rocky,  hillsides in central Asia, therefore will thrive best where some attention is given to drainage issues.

Members of the Scott Associates’ can pick-up their dividend at the Fall Festival on Saturday, October 16 at 2 pm. Also enjoy a presentation by Eric T. Fleisher on “Gardening for the 21st Century”. Fleisher is our consultant for the organic lawn project.

Andrew Bunting
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