Plants of the Week: July 21

Plants of the Week: July 21

Hydrangea arborescens Incrediball TM

This cultivar of the smooth hydrangea will almost never disappoint. Its cold hardiness and the fact that it blooms on new wood make this hydrangea both hardy and reliable. It flowers in summer with massive white flower clusters and its stem is very sturdy which means no flopping! Find this amazing hydrangea in the rear of the Terry Shane Teaching Garden. photo credit: V. Cornaglia


Aristolochia tomentosa

The Dutchman’s pipe vine is unique with three great characteristics. The first is its June-blooming flower which is purplish and resembles a pipe to gives it its name. Second is its dense foliage: Dutchman’s pipe has large cordate leaves that can become so dense they occasionally cover the flowers. Finally, its woody, climbing stem provides an awesome and amazing look throughout the year. See this one-of-a-kind plant in the Terry Shane Teaching Garden. photo credit: V. Cornaglia



Lagerstroemia fauriei ‘Townhouse’

Townhouse crape myrtle is a large and tough plant blooming profusely in mid-summer. The flowers are small white panicals 2”-4” long. Its primary claim to fame is the bark. The multi-stem trunk has amazing reddish-brown bark. This plant can be found on the corner of Trotter Hall. photo credit: V. Cornaglia

Vincent Cornaglia
  • Lynn Etheredge '68
    Posted at 12:46h, 23 July Reply

    Vincent — will this do well in a shady area? i’ve got a spot for a hydrangea that’s sunny in the spring but mostly
    shade now that all the trees are in leaf.
    Lynn Etheredge ’68

  • Andrew Bunting
    Posted at 12:55h, 23 July Reply


    Flowering will be best in full sun, however, where we have it planted it gets quite a bit of shade and is still impressive.

    Andrew Bunting, Curator

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