Plants of the Week: February 17

Plants of the Week: February 17

The 3” purple cones, a most unexpected color, of Abies koreana always draw attention in late spring. The upright cones, a trait possessed by the genus Abies, transition to brown as the growing season progresses. Firs prefer cool summer conditions. A grouping in the Nason Garden has performed remarkably well adding a classic conical evergreen shape to a garden known for strong textures and forms. Photo credit: J. Coceano

Garden location: Nason Garden


Loaded with copious clusters of shiny red fruit, birchleaf viburnum, Viburnum betulifolium, is a standout in the winter garden. The large, open shrub averages 10’ – 12’ in height and width. Cymes of lightly fragrant flowers give way to persistent ¼” fruits. Photo credit: J. Coceano

Garden location: Foundation plant along Hicks Hall


Both male and female Cercidiphyllum japonicum produce flowers: red on male trees, green on female trees. The inconspicuous flowers appear before the foliage. Pollinated female flowers are followed by clusters of greenish ¾” banana-like pods. Ripened seed pods split length-wise, sending forth small winged seeds.  Photo credit: J. Coceano

Garden Location: Cosby Courtyard, and near Alice Paul Residence Hall

Josh Coceano
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