Plants of the Week: April 25

Plants of the Week: April 25

Cornus florida 'Pluribracteata' (1) JWC blog

A pair of Cornus florida ‘Pluribracteata’ can be seen flanking either end of Parrish Hall. ‘Pluribracteata’ was selected for the doubled number of white bracts.  The small tree reaches 18 – 25 feet in height with an equal spread.

Prunus 'Higurashi' (2) JWC blog

Consider Prunus ‘Higurashi’ if space is a limiting factor.  The upright tree reaches 25 feet in height and bears double pink flowers.

Disporum flavum (2) JWC blog

Disporum flavum, or Mandarin fairy bells, is a rarely seen but easy-to-grow perennial for the woodland garden.  Several mature clumps can be seen in the Terry Shane Teaching Garden.  Yellow flowers are followed by blue fruits in autumn.

Peonia rockii (1) JWC blog

A native of China, Paeonia rockii, is an upright deciduous shrub. Semi-double flowers are borne in late spring and early summer. They are cup-shaped, white with deep maroon markings at the base of the petals and creamy-yellow stamens.  Tree peonies are beginning to bloom at the Scott Arboretum.

Josh Coceano
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