New and Selected Poems, Volume 2

New and Selected Poems, Volume 2


Mary Oliver is one of the most celebrated poets of our time. Her decades of poetry are gathered together beautifully in her New and Selected Poems Volumes 1 and 2. Oliver’s poetry touches on the most beautiful parts of life: the natural world, the shortness and sweetness of existence, love and loss, and of course, pets. Oliver is considered a very “accessible” poet because of her straightforward language. Many of her poems act as natural history guides to particular species and places, with of course beautiful language that will touch the reader’s heart as well as their mind.

Join us for our discussion of Oliver and her fabulous poetry at our next Nature’s Narratives Book Discussion group, Monday, February 13 at 5:30 pm, in the Scott Horticultural Library.

Liz Haegele
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