College Student Employee Program

Swarthmore College Student Employee Program

The Arboretum offers unique ways to provide additional learning opportunities through paid employment and the work/study program.

“Real World” Work Environment

The Arboretum aims to offer student positions that will enhance students’ technological, research, writing, organizational, and/or practical skills while providing a “real world” work environment. Although students are paid, the success of the program should be measured on the Arboretum’s ability to enhance student experience in ways outside the classroom setting.


To provide a variety of “real world” work experiences for Swarthmore College students in aspects of public horticulture. This experience includes not-for-profit organization programs, collections management, special events, and membership management through a variety of part-time positions offered during the academic year and/or as summer positions.

These work opportunities enable the Scott Arboretum to fulfill its educational mission in an in-depth way, while moving the goals and aims of both Swarthmore College and the Arboretum forward.


Students may apply for positions by filling out an application form, available at the Scott Arboretum Offices (Cunningham House.) Hiring typically takes place in the first two weeks of each semester.