Images of Spring from the Mailman

Images of Spring from the Mailman

Happy New Year! As gardeners, we all celebrate with mailboxes stuffed with seed catalogs and magazines promoting delightful blooms of spring. On the cover of the February/March issue of Organic Gardening, a preview of yellow spring bounty jumps off the page with a picture of Magnolia ‘Elizabeth’ and its pale yellow saucer-like flowers.

Describing magnolias as the “most glamorous of trees,” our curator and president of the Magnolia Society International, Andrew Bunting expounds on the wonders of the magnolias on page 42 in the Organic Gardening magazine.  “A firm believer that every garden needs a magnolia!” Andrew Bunting elaborates on how there is a magnolia for “nearly every need and niche in the garden.”  He also reveals one of his favorites as M. ‘Butterflies’.


This article features a delightful “Gallery of Magnolias” with images to help any person imagine spring.


The dramatic blooms of Magnolia x soulangeana. photo credit: R. Maurer

From Magnolia x soulangeana to M. stellata ‘Betty’ to M. ‘Centennial’ all the cultivars mentioned in the article can be seen blooming in the Scott Arboretum this spring. Learn more about our NAPCC certificated Magnolia collection. In the meantime, enjoy the gardener’s eye candy in your mailboxes and inboxes this winter.

Becky Robert
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