FSC Wood

FSC Wood

FCS logo from Hybrid.

You may have noticed on the back of many catalogs and mailings from environmentally conscious companies, the FSC logo pictured above. The Scott Arboretum has been printing the Hybrid and many brochures and invitations with this logo since Fall 2006. The FSC logo is most recognizable on printed materials, but are you aware of what this logo represents?

Spring Hybrid 10 coverpsd

Cover of the 2010 Spring Hybrid.

The FSC or Forest Stewardship Council logo indicates the publication has been printed on paper that has been harvested, milled, and printed in an environmentally responsible, socially beneficial, and economically viable way.

FSC oversees more than the production and printing of paper. It is an international non-profit organization devoted to encouraging the responsible management of the world’s forests. Thus the products certified by FSC are not limited to paper.

June09 031

FSC logo stamped on MDF (medium density fiberboard) used in the construction of the Wister Center. photo credit. R. Robert

Because of the FSC’s commitment to environmentally responsible stewardship of our forests, it was a great source of building materials for the new Wister Center. Using sustainably harvested materials is a component of building a LEED-certificated building.

June09 032

You can see FSC MDF being used as a building material in the skylight of the headhouse. photo credit: R. Robert

As a percentage of the total cost, 42% of the wood used in the Wister Center was FSC. These items can be found in the attractive Douglas fir decking, glu-lams, molding, and framing which accent much of the Wister Center. In addition FSC MDF (medium density fiberboard, an engineered wood product), can be found underneath many decorative elements of the Wister Center.


FSC douglas fir molding and framing was used to give the Wister Center its finished look. photo credit: Archer and Buchanan

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