by Nancy J. Ondra and Stephanie Cohen

As all gardeners and nature appreciators know, autumn is a time for beautifully colored foliage. But fall is also a time of bountiful flowers and incredible textures. In Fallscaping, Ondra and Cohen bring all of the wonderful and exciting things about the garden in fall to the reader. This book is a great mix of practical how-to advice on things to do in the garden in fall, to cultural descriptions and requirements for plants that peak in the autumn season. Thirty-eight ??Fall Technique?? sections go in-depth on topics special to gardening in fall and range from caring for tender plants indoors to seed saving. There are even shopping lists filled with wonderful plants to add to your garden to help extend your gardening season into fall. This is a beautiful book to look at as well, filled with many striking photographs (some of the Scott Arboretum) that will help to inspire you to design your garden with autumn in mind.

Check this book out at the Scott Horticultural Library.

Liz Haegele
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