Bringing Nature Home (Douglas W. Tallamy)

Bringing Nature Home (Douglas W. Tallamy)

Dr. Tallamy, an entomologist at the University of Delaware, wrote Bringing Nature Home as a manifesto to suburban gardeners to help them make decisions based not just on their garden’s appearance, but also how their gardens affect biodiversity and populations of insects, birds, and other mammals. We have all seen the over-development of suburbia and the extent to which this development has ravaged our land, but Dr. Tallamy and his students have discovered legitimate scientific data to show us the link between native plants, beneficial insects, and native wildlife populations. While it may seem irreversible to some of us, Tallamy sends an encouraging message that the damage done to our landscapes is fixable and that the garden is the place to start. This book has a wonderful mix of scientific data and horticultural expertise along with a clear message to all of us gardeners: that the spaces we create can be beautiful and can have a lasting impact in our ecosystems. Tallamy’s book will change the way you look at gardening and should be required reading for all gardeners. Check it out at the Scott Arboretum library!

Liz Haegele
    Posted at 13:00h, 03 April Reply

    This book and Dr. Michael Raupp’s work at the Univ of MD give us concrete reasons to use native plants in our landscapes and work with municipal governments to require using native plants for new developments. You only have to drive around the Delaware Valley and look at many of the open spaces to see the loss of native plants and the over growth of invasive exotics and wild grape. These plants look green to many people but they are destroying the forest habitat and all the animals that depend on native plants to provide food and habitat. Little wonder we see a decline bird populations. By using proper native plant communities in our landscapes and requiring new plantings to contain native plants we can start to reverse the loss of our native animals and their habitat.

  • Liz Haegele
    Posted at 09:16h, 30 May Reply

    If you enjoyed, this book, consider joining our newest group at the Scott Arboretum called “Nature’s Narratives.”
    It’s a book discussion group that will meet monthly to discuss books about nature, plants and the environment. Doug Tallamy’s book will be discussed on February 10, 2009. Doug Tallamy will also join us for a lecture on February 12, 2009!

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